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God calling you into ministry?
Serve your community as a Chaplain

The Kingdom of God is growing, but the status of the church in America seems to be in decline. So, as God calls more and more people into ministry, where will they serve?

Why does God keep calling people into ministry if the opportunity for employment in ministry is disappearing?

Answer: God is calling us into a new paradigm in ministry

First, ministers should consider expanding their job search beyond the visible church. That traditional model of employment for clergy is now only a part of the whole employment equation. Even a full-time job within a church often leaves a minister underemployed and overworked.

This new paradigm really must solve two realities within the market. A diminishing of opportunity and a diminished paycheck for the opportunities which do exist.

We would recommend Chaplaincy.

The role of a chaplain is defined as a duality: an ordained minister works for a secular employer serving the spiritual needs of people. The paycheck is signed by a secular group providing the skills and services of a chaplain to their members. It is ministry within the Kingdom of God, but not funded by the tithe.

The United States government first figured this out in the days of George Washington who established the role of "chaplain" and funded the chaplain's employment with tax dollars. That's still the definition of a chaplain. They are ordained ministers, but they do not receive a paycheck from the Church. Their ministry is performed within a secular environment.

If you are a preacher looking for employment, how many churches might hire you within a 10 mile radius of your home? Now, how many secular groups might hire you as a chaplain? The market is much larger for a chaplain.

We believe that this is the paradigm for employment in ministry. God isn't carelessly calling too many people into ministry. God's plan is to move ministers out of the church office and into the community where they belonged in the first place.

We are here to support this movement and credential those who are called into the marketplace as chaplains.

We offer an accredited online course which will get a candidate pre-certified for chaplaincy duties as a Board Certified Chaplain. Final certification is made after a background check and a phone interview with a former Army Chaplain who also serves on the board of National Service Charity INC 501 (c)(3) and administers this program.

If you are ready to take the course, then please use the Add to Cart button on this page. If you have more questions, then please use the contact form and we'll get back with you quickly.

Three Steps to
Entering the Chaplaincy

  1. Step One: Begin with Visiting Chaplains using the form below or by enrolling in our Online Chaplaincy Course costing $120.00
  2. Step Two: Secure a background check from Criminal WatchDog costing $38.95
  3. Step Three: Schedule your 30-45 minute phone appointment with Endorser National Service Charity costing $75.00

Your candidacy is managed by National Service Charity and sent to us once complete.

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