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Visiting Chaplains is a Partnership
between Four Groups


1. People:

God sends a Call for Gospel ministry to people. We partner with these people: retired ministers, previous Military Chaplains, church ordained Elders and Deacons, Bible College students, Pastors, and others who believe God has called them to Gospel ministry.


2. Colleges, Universities, Bible Education Centers

Faith based education is very important to longevity in ministry. Some folks go to a Bible College, others a four year university and then others might pursue a Master of Divinity program. A full M.Div. is required at a minimum for government paid chaplaincy employment. Visiting Chaplains does not have that requirement. We believe that if a chaplain candidate is pursuing faith based education within the expectations placed on them from the community of faith where they worship, then that qualifies them to pursue a roll as a chaplain within their community. Chaplains must be either finished or continuing to pursue their faith based education program as defined by the church community where they are endorsed.


3. Endorsing Churches

Chaplains working with our Clients on the Visiting Chaplains platform must have a letter of recommendation from the community of faith in which they worship.


4. National Service Charity 501 (c)(3)

In 2016 National Service Charity determined to launch a nationwide program of chaplains in the marketplace. The program never reached the goals and objectives the organization envisioned. In 2019 Visiting Chaplains LLC was approved by National Service Charity to launch that nationwide program using new technologies, implementation strategies, and relationships. Approved chaplains on this website undergo a thorough criminal background check and are interviewed by experienced chaplains at National Service Charity which runs the Board Certified Chaplain Program.

The BCC Program run by National Service Charity only certifies chaplains from the Christian faith.