Visiting Chaplains is a Partnership
between Four Groups

1. People:

God sends a Call for Gospel ministry to specific people. We partner with these people and train them as Chaplains. They come from various backgrounds: retired ministers, previous Military Chaplains, church ordained Elders and Deacons, Bible College students, Pastors, and others who believe God has called them to Gospel ministry.

2. Colleges, Universities, Seminaries, Bible Education Centers

Faith based education is very important for effective ministry. A full Master of Divinity is required at a minimum for government paid chaplaincy employment. The Founder of Visiting Chaplains LLC served in the Army and still holds all of those qualifications. Visiting Chaplains LLC does not require a Master of Divinity for our chaplains. We believe that if a chaplain candidate is pursuing a faith based education then they are qualified to also pursue the roll of a chaplain. Chaplains must be either finished or continuing to pursue their faith based educational program as defined by the church community where they expect to be endorsed.

3. Endorsing Churches

Prospective chaplains must have a formal letter of recommendation from the community of faith where they regularly worship. The "Sending Church" provides mentoring and specific faith requirements for our chaplains. Visiting Chaplains LLC relies on the chaplain's home church for doctrinal requirements. Visiting Chaplains LLC is not a faith based company and we do not set doctrinal requirements. All Sending Churches set their own doctrinal requirements and they also set the faith based educational requirements for the chaplains that they endorse.

4. National Service Charity 501 (c)(3)

In 2016 National Service Charity attempted to launch a nationwide program for chaplains in the marketplace. The program never gained traction. In 2019 Visiting Chaplains LLC partnered with National Service Charity to make a second attempt. All NSC Board Certified Chaplains have undergone extensive training, a thorough background check and an exclusive interview process. The Board of NSC is very selective.

National Service Charity as an endorser only certifies chaplains from the Christian faith.