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Enroll your Church in Visiting Chaplains for the Homebound

More than one pastor has suffered criticism for not visiting the elderly on a regular basis.

Some churches hire a youth pastor to do the visiting. Others ask the minister of music or the pastor's assistant to visit. All of these solutions require a hiring process and then management of an employee. That tends to create more work for everyone.

Another solution churches consider is a retired minister for visiting the elderly, homebound and hospitalized. You would be surprised how many times that works out poorly as pastoral loyalties switch to the retired minister and away from the full time pastoral staff of the church.

Consider hiring one of our chaplains.

Your church decides who receivers visits and how often the visits are made. With your help we establish a visitation report which can be sent to the church leadership for review, the sharing of prayer requests and general information about the member's health and well being.

Use the form on this page to share your needs and we will present the options and costs involved with our service.

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