Board Certified Chaplain

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This is an eight lesson course with quizzes attached to each lesson running between 30 to 45 minutes each. Once the lessons are complete there is a final test which must be passed for pre-certification. This course prepares you for service as a chaplain, but becoming board certified requires an industry standard background check and a phone interview from a board member at National Service Charity INC 510(c)(3). Click to view this course page.



Eight Lessons in the Course

  1. A Call to the Ministry (a Sermon by Tom Boyd)
  2. Chaplaincy in America (Three Videos)
  3. The Unique Role of a Chaplain
  4. The Chaplain’s Congregation: Ministering in a Secular Space with a Religious Plurality
  5. A Chaplain’s Ethics (Professionalism, Boundaries & Guardrails) (Three Videos)
  6. A Chaplain’s Personal Spiritual Life & Pursuit of Godliness
  7. Tools & Skill-set of the Chaplain
  8. Final Thoughts

All who complete this course receive a PDF certificate from Visiting Chaplains. This course is required before seeking Board Certified Chaplain status with National Service Charity.

Market Value of this Course: Our course was given accreditation by National Service Charity as a prerequisite for their board certification program and chaplaincy endorsement. Lessons were written by an Army Chaplain in coordination with the only Seminary used by the Department of Defense when offering Doctorate of Ministry programs to chaplains and military personnel. Finally, the Visiting Chaplain’s program requires their chaplains to have completed this course.

Steps to Entering the Chaplaincy

  1. Step One: Enter into dialogue with us using the form below or by enrolling in our $120 Course.
  2. Step Two: After finishing the course, you will be given instructions for securing a background check ($38.95 paid to
  3. Step Three: Once your background check is in process, please click to schedule your 30-45 minute phone appointment($75 paid to NSC)
Your candidacy is managed by National Service Charity and sent to us once complete.


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