Chaplain Visits


The Chaplain will schedule an hour long visit. This is a professional and pastoral visit from a seasoned minister. The person paying for the visit will receive a report on the visit without breaking professional confidentiality.

Our chaplains are professionals, formally endorsed by their places of worship, educated in the faith by select institutions and trained in the skills of Chaplaincy.

A typical visit lasts between 50 minutes to an hour. Chaplains send a report of the visit covering the client’s well-being, the cleanliness and security of the residence as well as their general appearance and state of mind. The person sending the chaplain can add up to ten additional questions to the chaplain’s final report at no additional cost. Below are some examples of questions which can be added to their report.

  1. Is there anything outside the ordinary? Dishes done? Carpets clean?
  2. Please ask if they are taking their medications and report their answer.
  3. Was the residence secure? Garage door open or closed when you arrived?
  4. The names of their children are Steven, Amy and Mike. Ask how they are doing and report their answers.
  5. Please read to them their favorite Bible passages while you are there.
  6. Ask them about their faith journey and include it in the report.
  7. Add some specific prayer requests for the chaplain to mention while there and include in his prayers.
  8. Please bring the USA Today paper and ask if they want you to read any articles for them.
  9. Please walk the kitchen trash out to the garage trash can while there.
  10. Please ask permission to check the mail and bring it inside. Add pictures of any tax/billing correspondence.
  11. Please bring them a six pack of Diet Coke and leave it in the fridge.

We discount for lots of groups and for various reasons.
Below is non-Discounted Pricing as a Guide

  • $55 per visit for orders over twenty-five (25+)
  • $70 per visit for five to twenty-four (5-24)
  • $85 per visit for two to four (2-4)
  • $135 for a single visit.

Some of the fine print and details:

  • Invoices, possible discounts and a schedule are established before service.
  • Invoices are sent a week before each visit and must be paid 48 hours prior to service or the visit is re-scheduled.
  • Visitation Reports are submitted by the Chaplain through this web portal and sent via email to one or multiple people identified by the paying customer. The reports are only shared with those people plus the chaplain’s mentor.
  • There is an insurance policy in place to cover the time the chaplain is in residence with the client. Copies of our insurance are available by request.
  • All visits are scheduled by the paying customer in coordination with the chaplain’s availability.
  • If the chaplain attempts to perform the visit and cannot gain access, there is a $35 trip charge. Pictures of the failed attempt will be provided to prove the chaplain made a good faith effort.