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Enroll Your Sports Team with Visiting Chaplains

For years sports have commenced with a moment of prayer by the coach. That isn't really accepted by our culture anymore. Since the coach is a representative of the school, people rightly question whether or not the government should be asking the employee to pray for the event.

This is the role of a chaplain.

Since President George Washington our government has set a legal precedent to use chaplains to pray and minister within the federal and state institutions of our communities.

Consider adding a chaplain to your team to promote good sportsmanship, faith and everyone's best effort.

Our chaplains can be at your games, drop in on your weekly practice and the other events of your sports team. We are here to help and we will make sure to operate within the guidelines your leadership sets for our services.

Please use the form on this page to explain the opportunity and we will present the options and costs associated with our services.

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